3K Girls Foundation
3K Girls Foundation

Who We Are

3KGirls relies overwhelmingly upon your support to continue its work in support of our mission statement.

Through your donations, 3KGirls is able to help make every day the best it possibly can be for all whom we serve. At 3KGirls—whether in the home, school or local community—we are influenced by a set of principles and values, which are important to us and keep us grounded.

3KGirls derives its inspiration and values from our faith. Today we work in a multi-cultural society, but we are proud of the core values and beliefs upon which we were founded. These values, enriched and shared by many people of other faiths and beliefs, provide the basis of our work with children and young people, their families and communities. We value the contribution of everyone who works with 3KGirls—whether directly with children, young people and their families, or in areas such as fundraising, retail, administration and support services.

Our Values

Respecting the unique worth of every person
Encouraging people to fulfill their potential
Exercising responsible stewardship and working with hope

Wishes Granted

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